2 Recycling

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Alltruck 2 had the arrival of some DAF 26T Curtain side trucks, which were in high demand. Due to the current climate, many customers are experiencing extreme lead times for brand new vehicles to arrive.

2 Recycling was experiencing this pain, as they usually purchase brand new vehicles. However, Alltruck2 were able to solve this issue for them and supply a bespoke product that fit their specifications.

Before purchasing a vehicle, they had some requests that would need to be resolved. 2 Recycling required DVS equipment, specialist body modifications, and livery. Alltruck used our agreed partners’ Owlvue to install DVS equipment within two weeks. Alongside this, a bespoke modification was made to the load compartment. Our Bodyshop team discussed with the customer directly to ensure that their loads can be secured and neatly packed inside.

On this occasion, Alltruck2 was able to go above and beyond, sorting all the required work out on-site before the customer collected the vehicle, saving a lot of time and headache.


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